What are you feeling proud about?

18th January 2019

Our new value for this half term is PRIDE.

Today I spent time asking children in Year 5 what they felt proud about. Every child was very confident in explaining why they felt proud of something they had achieved or another person.

I am really proud of my writing as I feel it has improved”

“I feel really proud of my English work, especially my hot writes. I have worked hard and they have improved”

“I am feeling really proud in science lessons. Every week I learn from my mistakes”

“I feel really proud of myself when I help others in my classroom”

“I felt really proud today as I worked hard to draw a picture of a dragon in English”

“I feel really proud of my uncle. He was a doctor and helped hundreds of people”


We will all continue to work hard and feel incredibly proud of ourselves and others.


14th December 2018

What does Christmas mean to your family?


Today I spent time asking year three children how their families get ready for Christmas and what Christmas time means to them.

Christmas time is a time to have fun”.

“Christmas time is spending time with your family and friends”.

Christmas time is giving presents and having fun”.

 “Christmas time is a special time to spend with your family”

“Christmas time is Christians going to church to pray”.

“Christmas time is about giving presents and caring and sharing”.

All of our children are looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends. We have also spoken about Christmas around the world and how some children are not as fortunate as others. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how we spend quality time with family and friends over the festive period.


Our new Junior Leadership Team

2nd November 2018

Congratulations to all our new Junior Leadership Team members. You all worked hard on writing your manifestos and explaining why the voting for you was important.

 I am sure you will all know continue to work really hard and drive the school improvements forward.

Here are the ideas the JLT have to make changes this year:

  • I will help JLT to make sure people always show respect.
  • I will help JLT to make the school a better place.
  • I will help JLT to collect new ideas to improve our school.
  • I will help JLT to improve South End.
  • I will help JLT to make the school even more amazing than it already is.
  • I will help JLT to be great ambassadors.
  • I will help JLT to make children successful.
  • I will help JLT to make children happy and be safe.
  • I will help JLT to make children enjoy school every day.
  • I will help JLT to make all children follow school values.
  • I will help JLT to make new contacts.
  • I will help JLT to continue to make our school the best.

I look forward to meeting the JLT and hearing about all their exciting new plans.



Cluedo Maths Day

Friday 12th October 2018

cluedo 1

Last Friday the whole school took part in a Cluedo challenge. They were trying to find out who injured Mr. Huck, where, and what with?

I spoke to some Y6 children about the challenge. Here’s what they had to say in Galileo Class:

“I thought the day was brilliant and I enjoyed finding out who injured Mr Huck! I learnt if the class work together we have 100% chance of winning”       

“I really enjoyed World Maths Day and I want to do it again! I learnt many new strategies and my maths improved as well!”                         

I thought it was amazing and I liked the questions. I learnt how to work in a group”

“What an amazing day; I loved it. I learnt that teamwork means everything and I would love to do this again”          

“I thought it was brilliant and amazing. I learnt a lot of things and anything is possible”

“I thought the day was absolutely amazing and I loved it! I learnt that everything is possible even if nobody else had the answer”       


21st September 2018 91 new Y3 children

 91 new Y3 children

It was a pleasure to welcome all our Year 3 children and award them their South End tie. Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the Tie Ceremony; it was a full house! Today I spoke to some Year 3 children and asked them what was different at the Junior School. This is what they had to say:

“We have to make sure our shirts are tucked in everyday”

“I really like my locker. We did not have lockers at the Infant School”

“I really enjoy going on The Huddle. I like going upstairs”

“I am enjoying doing PE on the massive sports field. I much prefer PE outside than inside”

We wish all our children all the very best at the Junior School; a new chapter for their new learning journey.

Miss Kaur’s Weekly Walk

6th July 2018

 Aspiration Week

Over the last 2 weeks we have been lucky enough to have many visitors come to SEJ to talk about future careers. Every year group had the opportunity to listen to speakers and ask questions.


I asked four Year 6 children what their aspirations were, and which talk they particularly enjoyed.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

I enjoyed listening to the fire service and learning new facts. I did not know they helped motorists too in the event of an emergency”



“When I am older I would like to be a vet or a hairdresser.

I enjoyed listening to the hairdresser and I learnt about all the different types of scissors. This is something I may want to do when I am college”

“When I am older I want to be a dance teacher.

I was really interested in the lady from HR. Her job sounded interesting and she helped other people. She enjoyed her job and her communication skills were good.

“When I grow up I would like to become a lawyer.

I really enjoyed listening to the Robotics man. He has helped with a ‘Mission to Mars’ and enjoys programming. He tests the robots before they go on a mission and really enjoys his job”

Being aspirational is incredibly important for all of us, whether young or old. I hope this week gave the children a flavour of what opportunities for available to them. A huge thank you to all our visitors. You were all amazing!


22nd June 2018

 World Cup time!

 I asked Year Three and Four children who they thought would win the World Cup this year. It was good to hear that plenty of girls, as well as boys are eager football fans. This is what they had to say about the World Cup.


“I support England as they have good skills”

“I would like Portugal to win as I think Ronaldo is an amazing player”

“I would like England to win and England is where I live. It’s an amazing country”

“My family are from the Philippines, but we still support England as we live here now”

“England are on good form and have a good chance of winning”

“My dad is a Chelsea fan and he wants England to win”

Good Luck England



Miss Kaur’s Weekly Walk

Y6 Dragon’s Den Project

Year 6 have all been introduced to the world of Enterprise. Their task in teams was to invent, create, market and make a new chocolate bar. They have been to Cadbury’s World and inspiration has been sought. Here are a few of the suggestions they made to the panel of Dragons from each Y6 class:

Einstein Class

Our chocolate bar is branded as a Milky Moon bar. On the outside it has caramel with marshmallows and chocolate drops. You can actually taste the chocolate drops too! It is a circular shape which looks a bit like a jammy dodger!”

Lily, Braedon and Sammi


Galileo Class

“Our product is called a box of delights. It has popping candy, honeycomb and marshmallows in it too. The cost is £3.50 per box, which is a red, rectangular design. This product will appeal to people of all ages.”

Charlotte, Jake, Lewis and Tiarna.


Aristotle Class

Our product is called Freeze Peeze snowflake. It is made out of dark chocolate, honeycomb and coconut. The bar is square shaped and has icicle designs on the edge. This would appeal to all teenagers and adults. The cost is 99p. This is an exciting new bar as it is full of flavour, and is unique!”

Ellie, Abbie, Ethan, Faith, James and Rose