Miss Kaur’s Weekly Walk

Friday 10th May 2019

Perseverance all around at SEJ

A walk around the school this week demonstrated how our learners are all persevering to do their absolute best. It was evident to see children demonstrating perseverance with their reading, writing, computing and doorways & pathways learning.

A huge well done to all of these children.





What amazing costumes

Reading is a life skill that we all use every single day whether at home or away. As a school we focused on “The day the crayons quit” by Oliver Jeffers. Children were asked to dress up in any colour they wished. The six children below were happy to talk to me about who their favourite authors were and why.

“I like reading books by JK Rowling because they are magical.”

“My favourite author is David Walliams as his books make me laugh.”

“I enjoy reading books by Roald dahl. I have read quite a few. My favourite book is the BFG.”

“I like reading books from lots of different authors.”

“I like books by JK Rowling as I really enjoy reading Harry Potter books.”

“I like reading books by Julia Donaldson. I enjoy reading them with my mum.”

Safer Internet day

8th February 2019

This week we have spent lots of time in school reminding ourselves of how to keep safe whilst using the Internet. Both children and adults need to understand that some people are using the internet in an inappropriate way. We must all keep safe. I spoke to several children and asked them how they keep safe at home whilst using the internet.

If you have taken a photograph of a friend or member of your family you must ask their permission before you post their photograph online”

“If you are using the internet and a friend request pops up please let your adults know. We must not talk to anybody who we do not know.”

All your passwords should be kept private, never share these with friends. Your parents may know them.”

Never ever talk to strangers online as there are some people who ask to be your friend without knowing you. Tell your parents if this happens.”

You must ask your parent’s permission to go on a website if it has age limits like YouTube. Your parents can supervise you using this site.”

“Anyone being mean to you over the internet must be reported to your parents. Never answer any requests for friends if you are unsure who the person is.”

All of these children know how to keep themselves safe online at both home and school. As a school we take internet safety very seriously and constantly remind children that they need to use the internet responsibly.


What are you feeling proud about?

18th January 2019

Our new value for this half term is PRIDE.

Today I spent time asking children in Year 5 what they felt proud about. Every child was very confident in explaining why they felt proud of something they had achieved or another person.

I am really proud of my writing as I feel it has improved”

“I feel really proud of my English work, especially my hot writes. I have worked hard and they have improved”

“I am feeling really proud in science lessons. Every week I learn from my mistakes”

“I feel really proud of myself when I help others in my classroom”

“I felt really proud today as I worked hard to draw a picture of a dragon in English”

“I feel really proud of my uncle. He was a doctor and helped hundreds of people”

We will all continue to work hard and feel incredibly proud of ourselves and others.


What does Christmas mean to your family?

14th December 2018

Today I spent time asking year three children how their families get ready for Christmas and what Christmas time means to them.

Christmas time is a time to have fun”.

“Christmas time is spending time with your family and friends”.

Christmas time is giving presents and having fun”.

 “Christmas time is a special time to spend with your family”

“Christmas time is Christians going to church to pray”.

“Christmas time is about giving presents and caring and sharing”.

All of our children are looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends. We have also spoken about Christmas around the world and how some children are not as fortunate as others. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how we spend quality time with family and friends over the festive period.



Our new Junior Leadership Team

2nd November 2018

Congratulations to all our new Junior Leadership Team members. You all worked hard on writing your manifestos and explaining why the voting for you was important.

 I am sure you will all know continue to work really hard and drive the school improvements forward.

Here are the ideas the JLT have to make changes this year:

  • I will help JLT to make sure people always show respect.
  • I will help JLT to make the school a better place.
  • I will help JLT to collect new ideas to improve our school.
  • I will help JLT to improve South End.
  • I will help JLT to make the school even more amazing than it already is.
  • I will help JLT to be great ambassadors.
  • I will help JLT to make children successful.
  • I will help JLT to make children happy and be safe.
  • I will help JLT to make children enjoy school every day.
  • I will help JLT to make all children follow school values.
  • I will help JLT to make new contacts.
  • I will help JLT to continue to make our school the best.

I look forward to meeting the JLT and hearing about all their exciting new plans.



Cluedo Maths Day

Friday 12th October 2018

cluedo 1

Last Friday the whole school took part in a Cluedo challenge. They were trying to find out who injured Mr. Huck, where, and what with?

I spoke to some Y6 children about the challenge. Here’s what they had to say in Galileo Class:

“I thought the day was brilliant and I enjoyed finding out who injured Mr Huck! I learnt if the class work together we have 100% chance of winning”       

“I really enjoyed World Maths Day and I want to do it again! I learnt many new strategies and my maths improved as well!”                         

I thought it was amazing and I liked the questions. I learnt how to work in a group”

“What an amazing day; I loved it. I learnt that teamwork means everything and I would love to do this again”          

“I thought it was brilliant and amazing. I learnt a lot of things and anything is possible”

“I thought the day was absolutely amazing and I loved it! I learnt that everything is possible even if nobody else had the answer”       



91 new Y3 children

21st September 2018

It was a pleasure to welcome all our Year 3 children and award them their South End tie. Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the Tie Ceremony; it was a full house! Today I spoke to some Year 3 children and asked them what was different at the Junior School. This is what they had to say:

“We have to make sure our shirts are tucked in everyday”

“I really like my locker. We did not have lockers at the Infant School”

“I really enjoy going on The Huddle. I like going upstairs”

“I am enjoying doing PE on the massive sports field. I much prefer PE outside than inside”

We wish all our children all the very best at the Junior School; a new chapter for their new learning journey.