Miss Kaur’s Weekly Walk

29th March 2018

What does Easter mean to you?

I spoke to Year 5 children today who all celebrate Easter and go to church regularly with their families.


The children told me they will all be going to Church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They all felt it is important to remember Jesus and the sacrifices he made. They will all spend quality time with friends, cousins and family. Eggs are eaten by being cooked with lots of different flavours being added. They will also eat lots of chocolate eggs too.

 We wish everybody a Happy Easter. Enjoy quality time with family and friends.


2nd March 2018

World Book Day

A huge thank you to all our families for supporting World Book Day and sending your little ones in dressed fantastically. The snow did not stop us!!



2nd February 2018

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett, supported by Julia Strong, is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. It is powerful because it enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version

Today I spent time asking Y5 children what they thought of the new writing initiative across the school. Teachers and teaching assistants spent the INSET day in January training on Talk for Writing.

The children have been seen retelling stories orally and drawing their own story maps. They have certainly been engaged in their learning.



What do Y5 think about Talk for Writing?

 “This is a different way to learn and the pictures really help.”

 “Oral storytelling and actions are all great. They help me remember the story.”

 “Retelling the story to my partners helps me write it even better!”

 “Talk for Writing is great for our learning.”

 “I remember it better once I have said the story out loud.”

  Thank you Year 5


12th January 2018

New Year Resolutions in Year 4

Today I spent time asking Y4 children if they had made any New Year Resolutions. Quite a few had!

“I am going to try to be the best tackler at my rugby club”

“I am trying hard to score 50 tries before the end of the season”

“I want to score more goals for my football team”

“I have joined a musical theatre group to be more successful like Matilda”

“I am trying harder to be man of the match at every rugby match”

Good luck to you all.


8th December 2017

How does your family get ready for Christmas?

Today I spent time asking Y3 children how their families get ready for Christmas, and what Christmas time means to them.

Christmas means having lots of fun! My family put up a tree with lots of decorations.

Christmas means spending time with my family. We put our Christmas decorations up.

Christmas means being happy. My mum goes shopping to buy presents.

Christmas is a lovely time of year. We put up our Christmas tree.

Christmas is a fun time. My family enjoy Christmas.

Christmas time is giving presents out. My family go out for dinner.


17th November 2017

Anti-Bullying Week at South End

This week is anti-bullying week nationally. At South End we have supported the “wearing Odd Socks” campaign. There certainly were an awful lot of odd socks in school today!


I asked four children why anti-bullying week in schools was so important.

If people are actually getting bullied they can be helped by the adults in school. It is really important to keep talking about anti-bullying in school”

I have never been bullied. I would tell my teacher if I was, and I think all bullies are bad people!”

“I think bullies bully others when they are not comfortable about themselves. Bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated”

Bullying upsets children and nobody in school should be upset. Bullies are mean people who do not always understand what they are doing”

Let’s continue to stamp out bullying for good


10th November 2017

First Aid training at South End

Last week Y6 have had the opportunity to learn basic lifesaving skills with St Johns Ambulance. This was a 3 hour course and covered the following elements:

Asthma, Choking, Communication and casualty care, Fainting, First Aid Kit, Primary Survey, Recovery position

Galileo were the first class to complete the training.

I asked children in Galileo why First Aid knowledge was important to them.

I think learning basic first aid is important because you can help family, friends and others.

I think it is really important because if something happens at home, school or anywhere else we can help save people.

This will help my family and all the other people around me too.

I think this is really important training as it can help us in the future. Our families and friends may need our help.


A huge well done to all our Year 6 pupils who participated in this training. We know that this will be very useful to them in the future.



20th October 2017

World Maths Day at South End

On Monday the whole school took the opportunity to celebrate World Maths Day with a Crystal Maze theme.


In the classrooms children worked in groups completing problem solving and reasoning challenges. Teachers gave out value stones to the groups that work well together and for completing the challenge.

A super day of mathematical challenges had by all. Thank you Miss Hill for organising this! Lots of crystal value stones earnt! Well done everyone.



13th October 2017

Celebrating Black History Month at South End

October is a month during which people highlight and celebrate the contribution that black people have made to the UK. This is because throughout history, black people have been discriminated against and treated badly because of the colour of their skin.

This year at SEJ we are going to celebrate Black History Month by looking at famous black inventors and learning about how their inventions contribute to modern day society. At SEJ we promote and celebrate diversity. We recognise that everyone matters regardless of their race and cultural background. We follow the British value by showing mutual respect towards others and we take PRIDE in who we are!

We have all been finding out more about Black Inventors.

 Isaac found out more about Garrett Morgan

He was born into slavery. He invented the traffic lights, and a liquid you can put on your hair to make your hair stay up!”

Annabel found out more about C J Walker

“When she was a child some of her hair fell out. She invented a hairspray which helped to style your hair”

Mia found out more about Charles Drew

“He invented the blood bank. He was born in Washington and was interested in medicine from an early age. He became a professor after the Second World War. He invented the blood bank as he wanted to help people”

Skye and Maddie found out more about Philip Emeagwali

“He was born in 1954. He invented a computer that can perform 3.1 billion calculations per second”

“His family were very poor, and he had to leave school when he was 14 years old. He was awarded a scholarship when he was 17 years old”



The children all really enjoyed learning about Black History Month, and engaged with this enthusiasm and curiosity.


22nd September 2017

Den Building at South End

Today I had the opportunity to talk to several children about an exciting new project…Den Building at lunchtimes.


The children loved this amazing opportunity. They worked collaboratively, and with excitement.


Lots of people enjoyed having a go. We were really good at it


It is really handy to know how to build a den incase it rains!”



It is great to see the children experimenting with Den making in the ‘Great Outdoors’. They are all excited about our Outdoor learning day this week. Fingers crossed for dry weather!


Den building has given the children more inspiration”


It is really good to work outdoors, and learn more about den building


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information about our first Outdoor Learning day.


15th September 2017

Year 3 are settling in superbly

Today I had the opportunity to speak to six children in Year 3.

All 90 children have settled in superbly, and are a real asset to both you, and South End Junior School. The Year 3 team of teachers and teaching assistants are all feeling really proud of their new classes. The children have been keen to learn new things, and have made an excellent attempt at getting to know each other. Well done to all our Year 3 children. This is what two children from each class had to say;

I was a little nervous last week but now feel more confident”.

“Week one was really good, and I will enjoy coming to school every day”.                         Ayres Class

“South End Junior is really exciting”.

“South End is awesome, and I am really enjoying it”.

Matisse Class

“I am enjoying my times tables work in maths”

“South End Junior is great”

Picasso Class


What a great start. We look forward to working with all our new children and families.


8th September 2017

What an incredible way to start the new term and welcome 90 new Year 3 children to the South End family. They were each given their tie today which represented them belonging to the South End Community.

We look forward to working with all our new families.



 7th July 2017

 SATs Success at South End

This week we received our SATs results for Y6 children. We are all incredibly proud of every child’s performance, and determination to do well. I spoke to a group of children this week who were keen to share their success.

I was really happy. I rang my mum on the way home and she felt really proud of me. We ate some chocolate cake for tea”.

I told my mum and dad I had done well. On Friday we are going to Boost for a treat”.

I did really well and my parents have rewarded me with a new I phone”.

I told my grandparents that I had been successful. They brought me some clothes for my summer holiday”.

I am so proud of myself as I did not think I would do very well. My family are all incredibly proud of me too”.

When I discovered I had done well in Maths I was so excited! My mum was really happy for me”.



A huge well done to all our Year 6 children and our Year 6 team. Super work!







23rd June 2017

Carnival week has been awesome at South End.

For the first time ever SEJ welcomes carnival professionals to the school. The children have taken part in either making carnival headpieces, playing in a steel pan band or designing and creating a carnival banner. There was an exciting big carnival parade today. The children have been learning a routine and had a dance off to see which year or class will be the carnival 2017 champions! What an amazing week had by all. Thank you Miss Bailey for organising this event, we all loved it. The carnival sunshine helped bring it all together!

A huge thank you to the students from Kettering Buccleuch Academy. The Steel Pan drums were a real carnival sound. You were all amazing.

Keep an eye on our Facebook posts for more information and pictures.



19th May 2017

 SATs are completed!

SATs week is over and our Year 6 children have made us all feel incredibly proud. They each took the opportunity to showcase their learning, and demonstrated the values of determination and perseverance. I took the opportunity to speak to several Year 6 children about how they felt about SATs being completed.

“I felt slightly stressed during SATs week but I am glad they are over. They were like mini GCSE exams”


“I feel happy that SATs are over, and really proud of myself for trying my best”


“SATs were a lot better than I thought they would be. I coped really well with them and tried my best”


“I feel that I have done okay. The reading test was the one I was worried about, but I coped fine”



Well done to our superb Year 6 children who tried their best all week.

The children all now have lots of fantastic events to look forward to, including their residential next week. We hope you all have an amazing time.


5th May 2017

 SATs Week at South End

  Next week is SATs week for all year 6 children. Our Year 6 children are absolute superstars and are all working so magnificently hard. It is their turn to showcase their learning, and feel proud that they have tried their very best. I spoke to four Year 6 children about SATs


This is what a few children had to say about Year 6 SATs;

“You have to work at speed to ensure you answer all the questions. I do feel a little pressured. I do not think they are needed as our teachers can talk to our Y7 teachers and tell them what we can do”


“I feel they are needed and not needed! Mixed feelings. Papers are not returned to us so we have no idea which areas need improvement. They may be needed by our next school to ensure we are in the correct sets to get the best education”


“I have mixed feelings about SATs. I would like to know what my mistakes are if I make any. I understand we have to do them”


“They are useless because I feel we are under pressure. I know we have to do them and we get a grade. I understand that the final grades will be useful to our new school”



This runs all week next week and is open from 8.10am. All children are welcome. Breakfast club will be offering cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt daily.


28th April

Science Week

British Science Week is an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that features a range of fascinating, entertaining and engaging national, regional and local events across the UK. As a school we have organised a variety of activities for children across the year groups, and allow investigations to be carried out to interest, inspire and promote Science as a topical and modern subject in the curriculum.

We hope it will encourage children to ask questions and think deeper about their learning, and develop an everyday context to their learning.  Today I chatted to several children about Science Week and what activities they had been doing. Y5 were busy creating rainbows with glass prisms, and making periscopes.

“I really enjoy Science and I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up”

 “Science is fun, and I enjoy it. I get to learn lots of new exciting facts during Science lessons too”

 “I enjoy Science as I get to make lots of models. The Periscope task was fun and they actually worked!”

 “I learn new things and have the opportunity to find out how things work. Science helps us understand the world we live in”

A huge thank you to Sam and Jane from Wrenn Academy.

31st March 2017

NSPCC visit

This week we had several visitors from the NSPCC. A whole school assembly on Monday told us all about the Speak Out, Stay Safe campaign. Children were also reminded of the Childline number, and when it may be appropriate to call this.

Year 5 and 6 went onto having special workshops which taught them how to keep safe and tell trusted adults their worries or concerns.

This is what some children in Year 6 had to say about the workshops they attended;

“I know that I have trusted adults like my head teacher and or Childline. I found the workshop really useful as it reminded us all about keeping safe”


“I feel like I can talk to trusted adults. If I needed to I would ring Childline, and would have the confidence to do this. Childline is a fantastic facility for children to use”


“I remember once talking to a security guard and thinking he was a stranger. My mum assured me he was okay to talk to. I have several trusted adults I can speak to at home and at school”


“I can think of several trusted adults in school including my teacher. I am pleased the workshop reminded us that we do need to speak out if we are concerned or worried in any way”


The children all found the workshops helpful and all thought it was useful to have a reminder about trusted adults in and out of school.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the NSPCC for visiting our school



17th March 2017

How is Accelerated Reader going?


Today I chatted to several children about our newly launched Accelerated Reader strategy. I have been absolutely thrilled with how well all children, parents and adults have embraced this new initiative, Thank you. More books have been purchased and every child has been assessed, and books allocated. Our assessment data for reading is showing the majority of children have improved in their reading ability.

Below are comments about what different children think of AR in different year groups.

Year 3

“I really like the quiz part of AR. I also like giving each book a different number of stars. I enjoy reading to my dad at home, and different adults at school. I usually get 100% on quizzes. My class Picasso is challenging Da Vinci. AR is brilliant”


Year 4

I am given a great opportunity to read longer books, although the quiz can be tough at times! My target has been increased by 10 points, and I have earnt over 200 points. AR is epic!


“AR has given me the opportunity to improve my reading and get even better. I am enjoying the inter class reading challenge. This term I have read 15 books. AR is the best”


Year 5

“I Think AR is good because it makes me read books with a better understanding. I keep getting 90% on my quiz but I am working hard to get 100%. I read between 5-6 times a week at home. I feel AR is very educational”



Year 6

“I tend to read before bedtime about four times a week. I am really enjoying reading the wide variety of AR books, and I really enjoy taking the quiz too. Since the introduction of AR my love for reading at school has really grown”


It is great to see so many children enjoying the new challenge of AR and enjoying it at the same time too.

A huge thank you to all children, and parents who are hearing their child read five times a week. We are really beginning to see a marked improvement in reading across the school.



10th March 2017

Meet the new Head Boy & Girl

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing our new Head boy and Girl.

They will be in post until the end of the school year. They are both super excited!

Message from the Head Girl

“I live with my family of five; my mum, my dad, and my two brothers. I am most interested in basketball and football, and whilst I was growing up I went to a rugby match with my dad. My first ever achievement was player of the month in basketball, but then I developed a love of reading.

 My favourite lesson is maths, and I like to solve problems using long division and long multiplication. When I grow up I actually want to be a scientist. I also enjoy playing on the trampoline with my two brothers. I attend two clubs, basketball and dodgeball, and also go to extra tuition lessons. I am so lucky to be asked to be Head Girl and I am really excited. I know the head boy fairly well as I play basketball with him”

Message from the Head Boy.

I was recently chosen to be Head Boy at South End. Gaining this role within the school fills me with confidence for I know that the staff and children have faith in me as a student, at the great school that I attend.  I live in a family of four who are always there to support me. I am a Grade 4 cellist and play in a local orchestra. Last year I was lucky enough to play at The Royal Albert Hall in London!

My favourite sport is cricket although I play basketball too. I am captain of my cricket team and attend every match as a supporter and almost a member of staff”


We wish them both every success in their new roles.


3rd March 2017

World Book Day 2017

Where’s Wally at South End

This year we have decided to celebrate 30 years of where’s Wally. These books are a real hit with our children, and I am sure they are a hit with adults too! World Book Day provided the ideal opportunity to dress up and celebrate the love of all books old and new. A huge thank you to all parents/carers for supporting us with costumes. The children, and adults all looked amazing! Did you know while there have been numerous spin-off books, there are currently seven pictures books in the main Waldo storyline with the most recent, The Incredible Paper Chase, having been published in 2009.

This is what our children think of where’s Wally:

“I love where’s Wally and the books have interested me since I have been 8 years old. Wally always blends in very well, and sometimes finding him can be really tricky! I am really looking forward to dressing up on World Book Day”


 “I really like his glasses and the way Wally dresses. On World book day I am dressing up as Wanda”


“I like Wally’s clothes and he is funny. I am dressing up as Wanda on Thursday”


 I like the challenge of finding Wally. There can at times be lots of characters who like him to test you! I am going to dress up as Wanda


I enjoying looking for Wally as this can be fairly challenging! I have lots of Wally books although my dog has chewed a few! I will be dressing up as Wally on World Book day. I am really looking forward to it”


A super day had by all.


Friday 24th February 2017

Who are the South End Admin Team?

Have you ever wondered who the admin team are and what their roles involve? We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking team at the forefront of our school. They deal daily will all queries, and ensure all the admin work behind the scenes is completed perfectly.

Here is a little bit about them all.



Hello I am Jo and am the Business Manager at the School.  I work behind the scenes to makes sure we can continue to afford all the wonderful things that the school offers, that everyone is safe and that we have enough staff to do all the jobs that need doing in a school. I have worked at South End Junior for over 18 years now and started my life here in the office.  When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with by grandchildren and trying to keep myself fit and healthy! I enjoy going away on walking holidays and reading too.



I have just started my 7th year at SEJ. My job is a bit ‘behind-the-scenes’ and I love it because it’s a great feeling to know that in some small way I’m helping children realise their potential. When I’m not at school, I am with my two cheeky boys and our dog; all three keep me on my toes! I have just taken up running as a hobby.



This is my 9th year at South End Junior. I started in the classroom and then moved on to the office. I love the organisational aspect of being in the office.

I work within a fantastic team and feel that we have a very collaborative, helpful and understanding working relationship. I also thoroughly enjoy being the link between the community and the school.

Outside of South End I enjoy being Mum to my 4 children (3 of which attended South End). I love spending time with my family. I took up running a couple of years ago and now run 2 to 3 times a week, and I love it! My favourite colour is orange and my favourite food is a roast dinner. I also like eating out in fancy restaurants!



I have been part of the admin team for almost 2 years and still love my job as much as I did the day I started.  This is due to having a great team around me who are a pleasure to work with.  My job is mainly finance based but we do pull together in other areas when the need arises. South End Junior School provides a great environment for both staff and children, and I am proud to call it my place of work.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends including long walks with our Cockapoo and family bike rides.  I also enjoy reading and going to the gym.  My children are involved in a lot of outside clubs including performing arts and football so, as well as being a taxi service, I do get the pleasure of seeing them thrive through football matches and fantastic shows.  I also love my warm holidays abroad!

The newest admin team member is Norris, the office plant!


We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated and talented team to work with.

Thank you ladies.

10th February 2017

Safer Internet Day at South End

On Tuesday we all took part in learning how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. The internet can be a great source of information, however we need to ensure all our children are using it appropriately. The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers and teachers, to join together in helping to create a better internet.


What did we do on Safer Internet Day?

Year 3

We did a P4C session in the morning and then in the afternoon all 3 teachers completed three different activities.

‘I learnt we must have adults with us if we are using a website we are unsure of’ Lilian

Year 4

We discussed communicating our emotions through aspects of messaging and social media using emojis, we also created our own emojis. Then, we discussed the difference between a bystander and an upstander, and related this to the context of messaging and commenting on YouTube videos etc. The children then looked at examples of being an upstander & bystander and had to classify them.

‘I learnt emojis are not always nice and they have to be used sensibly’ Paige

Year 5

Year 5 were looking at things that the internet is used for and the sorts of information that we can gain from the internet, as well as what information should not be shared. That means info that we share about ourselves too. We looked at the sites that we use and some of the people who’ve made their fortune from clever internet use and investigated how we can make the internet work for us. We then made posters about websites and the dos and don’ts of them.

‘I learnt that if someone is mean to you online you must tell an adult immediately’ Corey

Year 6

Discussed what a ‘first impression’ from a photo gives you and how once a photo is uploaded onto the internet, there really is not tracking it fully down or removing it from the internet. We had an open circle p4c lesson where the children discussed how they use the internet safely, linking to our e-safety slogan and our social media checklist guidance. They then made emoji messages on how to stay safe when on the internet.

‘I learnt it was illegal to take photos of anyone under 18 and add them to the internet without their permission’  Joshua

We look forward to continuing our partnership with all our Parents/Carers to ensure we keep our children safe online.

3rd February 2017

Our new ‘Book Nooks’ at South End Junior.

Today I spoke to a child from each year group about the new ‘book nooks’ in their classrooms. The ‘book nooks’ have further inspired children to read, and make reading part of their daily life. The adults have worked really hard to think of a theme to base their book nooks on.

Year 3

Oliver absolutely adores the ‘book nook’ in Picasso Class. He said;

Our book nook is based on ‘The World’s Worst Children’ by David Walliams. The book is funny and David Walliams always creates his own words.  The book is about the world’s worst ten children. If you open the book our book nook looks like the contents page. I love reading and I am working hard with AR reading too. At home I have my own book nook based on Harry Potter. I was the only boy in my class who had read this book.’

Year 4

The Twits is a book by Roald Dahl. I read this book in Year 4 and this book is really funny. My favourite characters were the Mugglewumps, who sound really funny. I think adults would enjoy this book as much as children. The Lewis Class book nook is colourful and will hopefully encourage children to read more often. I am really enjoying AR, and reading 5 times a week. I have moved up a band since we first started. I enjoy reading as it helps me with my writing’    Amelia

Year 5

‘The book nook in Engelbart is based on a Harry Potter theme; the room of requirement. Inside there are jars of potions for casting spells. I think the book nook is so much better than our old book corner. I think the book nook will further stimulate and inspire children to read Harry Potter books. I am enjoying AR and reading about 5 times a week. I have read many Harry Potter books and I think they are all great!’    Aaron 

Year 6

Einstein book nook is based on a theme of picking a book from a tree with many branches and many authors. Year 6 have been reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne. This book was really sad and took place in World War Two. I would recommend this book to all children who would like to learn more about British History. We are also reading ‘There is a Boy in the Girls Bathroom’ by Lewis Sacher. I am looking forward to finding out why this has happened! I am enjoying the challenge of AR and am reading about 4-5 times a week’    Archie


27th January 2017

The Chinese New Year 2017 is the Year of the Rooster

Today both South End Infant School and South End Junior jointly spent the morning celebrating the Chinese New Year. It was great to see so many siblings working together on Chinese New Year activities. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, who are supposed to be Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. It was fantastic to see so many activities across the two schools, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. I also spent time talking to Isabelle and Chloe about how their families will be celebrating the New Year.

They were both very excited about celebrating The New Year

We hang up Chinese lanterns and wear traditional clothes. We eat a traditional Chinese meal which consists of rice, vegetables, a special meat and a certain type of tea. We visit relatives too. Children are given special Lucky red envelopes which contain money. Chinese people believe it is wise to save for your future. I put my money in my piggy bank”


We dress up in traditional clothes and go to a centre in Northampton. Here we see lots of performances including singing, dancing, gymnastics and drama. I am really looking forward to it, and we all have a traditional Chinese meal. The children get money and we wish each other a Happy New Year”


We wish our Chinese community a Happy New Year.


20th January 2016

Our budding violinists

This week I had the opportunity to talk to our very keen violin players. They have all been learning how to play for differing lengths of time. They are all so talented and really have all flourished in their abilities.

Mrs Armstrong, our violin teacher teaches eleven children across the school. She works with them individually as well as in small groups. This is what the children had to say about the playing the violin:

“I have played the violin for 4 years and practise 4 times a week. I want to continue to play when I am an adult too.”    Abi


When I stated to play in Year 5 I found it really difficult to read music, but it is slightly easier now”     Ruby


I have played the violin since I was in Year 3 and practise every single day. It helps me to develop my musical skills”      Aashiyana


I have played the violin for 5 years. My uncle plays it too and sometimes we play them together to my family. I am hoping to be a famous musician when I am older”    Abi


I have played the violin for a year and a quarter! I practise 5 times a week and enjoy learning new notes to play”    Josh


I have played the violin for 2 years and I practise twice a week. I play the piano too, and I have a piano at home. I enjoy playing the violin as you can always improve further with practise.    Agatha


I have played the violin for 2 and a half years. I enjoy it and it is fun. I am determined to get even better. I practise once a week.                                                                 Matilda


What a great talent all these children have. Their hard work and dedication and determination with playing the violin is paying off.

13th January 2017

The Life Bus

This week The Life Bus visited South End Junior. The Life Bus is an interactive mobile classroom designed to help schools deliver their health promotion, drug prevention and citizenship programs. The bus encourages children to make healthy life choices.

Each Year group covered a different theme of discussion inside the bus. I interviewed one child from each year group to get their thoughts and feelings.

The Year 3 workshop was called ‘Meet the brain’.

“We learnt about different body parts, and what they do. I learnt all about the spine and how it supports the body. We also talked about medicines, and only taking them when you need to”     Roxie

The Year 4 workshop was called ‘It’s great to be me’.

I learnt all about how smoking can harm your body, and the digestive system. It was a really informative session and I learnt lots of new things”   Max

The Year 5 workshop was called ‘Friends’.

We learnt about how our body works, the effect of drugs and friendships. I found out that Friendships are really important, and we need to respect and look after our friends. Everybody needs good friends no matter how old you are”    Grzegorz

The Year 6 workshop was called ‘Decisions’.

“We learnt all about drugs and how they can affect your body. I learnt that medicines can help when you are ill, but should not be taken if you are not. We also discussed making the right choices for a healthy lifestyle. Nobody should be forced to do anything they do not want to”     Ruby

It is always great to see the Life bus at SEJ. Such important discussions on important topics.


16th December 2016

 What does Christmas mean to you?

This week I asked six children what Christmas meant to them. They thought long and hard, and all had lovely ideas.

“Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus, and spending time with family and friends”   Alex

 “Christmas means going skiing and I am so excited” Aaron

“Christmas means spending time with my family and friends. A time to get together and celebrate the New Year” Chloe

“Christmas is a family time. We enjoy this special time together, and share gifts to show we care about each other” Santina

 “Christmas is visiting family and friends, and getting lots of presents” Joseph

 “Christmas is opening our presents, eating our dinner, and having a family time together”   Jordan

 Clearly all these children are looking forward to the festive season ahead!


Friday 9th December 2016

Y4 & Y5 Christmas Productions

This week I had the pleasure of taking a few snaps during the Christmas productions. Clearly both children and staff had worked so hard on these.

A huge well done to everyone involved.


1st December 2016

What are our favourite Subjects?

This week I had the pleasure of asking one child from each class what their favourite subjects were. The answers all varied and the children all spoke confidently, and gave excellent reasons for their answers. I spoke to one representative from each class.

Year 3

“I like maths, and in particular the deep challenges”            Madison

“I love maths, it really moves my learning on”                       Aston

I really enjoy maths, especially using the grid method”      Rocco

Year 4

“Maths is my favourite subject. I enjoy learning my times tables”   Tobey

“Maths is my favourite as I am getting better at addition and subtraction” Jasmine

“I like maths as it is fun and I am good at it”    Bradley

Year 5

“Science is my favourite subject. I really enjoy the different experiments we do at school”             Sophie

“I really love maths. I am on the 11 shuffle and my times tables are getting better”                  Sam

“I enjoy art. I love drawing and painting, and enjoy using pastels too” Tayla

Year 6

“I love maths lessons, they are fun”    Tauri

“My favourite lesson is maths. These lessons challenge me and I am getting even better”                   Lewis

 “My favourite lesson is art & DT. I enjoy these activities both at home as well as school”                        Rose


Clearly maths is the most popular subject with these 12 class representatives!

It is great to see the children are inspired by the calculations and challenges given to them.

25th November 2016

Y3/4 Football Champions

Last Tuesday Year 4 footballers went along to a tournament at The Pemberton Centre. This was their first tournament of the year.

This is what the footballers thought of their first win of the school year:

It was exciting and when we won the tournament I was relieved!’


‘I think we all passed the ball really well, and winning was epic’


 ‘The matches were all epic!’


 ‘It was brilliant to be there and be a part of it’


 ‘It was great and I felt really happy. I am looking forward to another tournament’


 ‘It was a bit hard but we won. I was happy we won our first tournament but I knew we would win it from the beginning’


‘I felt amazing as this was the first time I have played for SEJ’


 ‘It was epic, and it was brilliant when we won the trophy’




18th November 2016

On Wednesday we were fortunate to have a visit from Mark Robson, who is the best-selling author of fantasy fiction books for young adults.

In 1982 Mark won a scholarship to join the RAF as a pilot and was an operational pilot in the RAF for over twenty years. During that time he flew for three years on the Victor air-to-air refuelling tankers, for four and a half years as a flying instructor on Jet Provost and Tucano training aircraft and for eight years at Brize Norton, Oxon, as co-pilot, captain and instructor on the VC10 aircraft. Mark started writing his first novel in 1995 due to a throwaway line! He was bored in the Falkland Islands as the weather was too bad to do any flying and, in a fit of pique at Mark’s waspishness with the inactivity, his navigator said “Oh for goodness sake do something useful. Go write a book or something!”

This is what the children thought about Mark and his books after his assembly:

I really enjoyed listening to Mark read his book, and he read them aloud very well”     George

‘He was a really funny man and I would like to read his books’     Melody

‘I think his book on karate will be a really interesting book to read’   Corey

‘Mark read with excellent expression, and I enjoyed listening to him read’ Bradley

‘Mark was bullied when he was 11 years old. He decided to write about anti bullying in his books’    Mia

‘Mark’s books on anti-bullying may help people realise that bullying is wring, and should not be accepted’   Cody

A great day was had by all. Thank you Mark.


11th November 2016

Year 5 have been very fortunate to visit Sulgrave Manor this week. Sulgrave Manor is a Tudor and Georgian house built by direct ancestors of George Washington, the first President of the United States.
This is what the children wanted to find out before their visit on Tuesday:

I want to find out more about Tudor Culture and everyday life.” Austin

I want to find out where Tudors live and more about Tudor clothing” Daniella

I want to find out more about Tudor life” Sam

“I want to find out a bit more about Tudor houses” Liberty

“I want to know more about Tudor life and understand what it was like in Tudor times” Shay

“I want to find out what the differences are between Tudor houses and the house I live in” Hannah

Year 5 looked amazing in their Tudor outfits.

A great day had by all. A huge thank you to Parents/Carers for fantastic costumes.

4th November 2016

The first day of term started with celebrating Diwali, the festival of light. It was great to see so many children and staff arrive in bright colours and traditional clothing.

The children were busy painting Rangoli patterns, making collages and listened to the story of Diwali.

Year 6 girls performed a traditional Indian dance.

A great day had by all.

21st October 2016

Y6 Dragon’s Den

Year 6 have all been introduced to the world of Enterprise. Their task in teams was to invent, create, market and make a new chocolate bar. They have been to Cadbury’s World and inspiration has been sought. Here are a few of the suggestions they made to the panel of Dragons from each Y6 class:

Einstein Class

Our chocolate bar is branded as a Milky Moon bar. On the outside it has caramel with marshmallows and chocolate drops. You can actually taste the chocolate drops too! It is a circular shape which looks a bit like a jammy dodger!”

Lily, Braedon and Sammi


Galileo Class

“Our product is called a box of delights. It has popping candy, honeycomb and marshmallows in it too. The cost is £3.50 per box, which is a red, rectangular design. This product will appeal to people of all ages.”

Charlotte, Jake, Lewis and Tiarna.

Aristotle Class

Our product is called Freeze Peeze snowflake. It is made out of dark chocolate, honeycomb and coconut. The bar is square shaped and has icicle designs on the edge. This would appeal to all teenagers and adults. The cost is 99p. This is an exciting new bar as it is full of flavour, and is unique!”

Ellie, Abbie, Ethan, Faith, James and Rose

14th October 2016

What do Year 3 think of SEJ?

Year 3 have now been with us for six weeks. I had the pleasure of asking them all how they have settled in, and what they like about the junior school. They had lots of different opinions which they were happy to share. This is what they had to say:

The Junior School is the only school with a purple bus called The Huddle. I love it!”

“The Junior School is amazing as it has lots of different rooms like The Old Curiosity Shop”

“The Junior School is great as The Avenue has lots of different books to read”

The Junior School is fantastic as it has The R Zone for doing research”

The Junior school is spectacular as it has The Den with lots of lovely things in it”

The Junior School is awesome because it has a beautiful office with lots of lego!”

They are all clearly settled into their new school environment.